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in intercultural settings

We always learn on our own but never without others (P.Carré)

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Areas of interventions

Sylvie Faisandier

Sylvie Faisandier

Team Dynamics

You wish to improve team synergy, in a global or changing context, or launch a network, a community of practices?



Knowledge Stewardship

Knowledge capitalization and transfer are your key questions, as sharing and creating new knowledge (in particular in scientific and technical fields)?


Are these your questions? Then contact me.

I will accompany you, to start and implement such projects, as a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach.

Team Efficiency

Any transformation you have to lead to make it easier for your people?
Any change that might be necessary to enhance the synergy of your team?
Any collective dynamics that might need to evolve to ensure collaborative learning, enhance performance, increase positivity?


What is it about?

Depending of your intentions and what is at stake, I will :

  • Support individuals or/and teams in context of changes and transformations

  • Enhance team cohesion, performance and leadership by taking into account systemic and relational aspects, in particular in transverse settings (projects, networks, functional management…)

  • Intervene on complex and innovative topics involving diverse stakeholders to help them to make decisions and find creative ways to make their goals concrete


  • Bringing down the vision related to corporate strategic projects

  • Innovating in managerial practices to implement the 3 year strategy plan

  • Facilitation of global meetings: professionals wanting to grow their training skills, scientifics, experts starting and growing their networks

  • Remote leadership and collaboration in global settings

Knowledge transfer

Any project regarding knowledge transfer?

Any expertise to be capitalized and spread locally or internationally, regarding your core competencies?

Any training you need to design to fit your specific needs and context?


What is it about?

I will help you to:

  • elaborate the approach to create internal global schools, focused on technical knowledge in particular.

  • create systems to transfer knowledge, including training design and content creation (guidelines, tools, training documentation…)

  • deliver trainings, facilitate communities of practices or collaborative learning workshops

  •  to create and manage training systems, including blending learning systems

  • help experts whether technical or functional to make their knowledge explicit and to transmit it

  • design internal Mooc using your platform


  • Train the trainers

  • Help to create internal trainings (technical, scientific, professional..)

  • Facilitation of communities of practices, in-person or virtual (using internal collaborative tools)
  • Tailored intra-houses trainings : transverse management (project management, management at a distance, how to lead a network or a scientific network) ; team work (collaborative tools and methods, collaborative learning, team cohesion and dynamics, innovation and creativity…)


Who we are

My experience and fields of interventions


I’ve been a coach, trainer and facilitator for the past 14 years, working all over the world with people at all levels in diverse organizational and cultural contexts. My main domains of expertise are the quite closely related areas of knowledge transmission and team dynamics, and throughout all my work runs a red thread of supporting my clients’ leadership growth in creative ways.

Prior to being a consultant, I worked in SAFRAN group, a global player in Aeronautics, for 10 years, variously as a materials engineer, a purchaser and a project manager. It was during this time that I realized how much I appreciated co-creating knowledge and transmitting it, as the nature of the work calls for ongoing learning.

More specifically, I led a 2-year corporate project on Strategy Deployment and Managerial practices sharing, elaborated the company’s corporate values, designed the creativity and innovation system… These were key experiences with the freedom to explore, experiment, and co-create, which connected me with my passion for helping humans be…ing.

Socrates wrote that “education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” and it’s that flame of learning, of curiousity, creative-thinking and questioning that I like to nurture in myself and others.

As a never-ending learner myself, I’m involved in Education on topics around leadership, creativity, project and change management. Specifically, I have been coordinating and teaching Organizational Behaviour at EDHEC Business School for 5 years and I am teaching on the Master of Change Management at Versailles Saint Quentin University.

My skills

I quickly become attuned to people I am interacting with and any particular situation at hand, and am skilful in choosing the one hat (or the many hats) that are needed to make a difference, taking into account both the current reality and any goals, whether implicit or expressed. I enjoy this most when I am working in complex and uncertain contexts.

With a gentle but firm energy, I am the kind of person who believes that the best is always possible, and I am skilful to hold the space for individuals and groups so they can evolve in the direction of their goals/dreams, while building on what is naturally emerging. When useful, I may provide resources to help the growth dynamics in many forms and shapes (various hats, tools and technics, models, frameworks of interpretations…).

My passions

Since I was an adolescent, I have always loved teaching as a way to continue to deepen my own learnings. Able to play with many fields, comfortable in various contexts, I particularly like to deal with unclear situations and questions, innovative and complex projects, and find my roles in such a context to create a path for individuals and groups around meaning and actions that matter for them.
Beyond my passion for community building, I have been compelled for a very long time by the Humanities, particularly when it comes to arts, philosophy and literature. I sing and write, and I’ve a passion about connecting the arts and science.

My diploma and certificates

Beyond my formal education:

  • Master 2 in Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology which I started in France and finished at McGill University (1991)
  • Master 2 MRH from Lille University (2002)
  • Master 2 of Research on Strategy, Management and Organizations (2006),

I am also trained and certified in various methodologies and tools to intervene with groups and individuals:


  • Organizational interventions by clinic sociology approach (Institut International de Sociologie Clinique)
  • Organizational, Relationship and Systemic Coaching certified (Center of Right Relationships Global)
  • Collective and individual Decision-making (Institut du Discernement Professionnel)
  • Alchemy (Center of Right Relationships Global)
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Learning (SOL France)
  • Co-development facilitation (Cecodev)
  • Knowledge extraction tools (GREX2)
  • Co-active coaching core curriculum (CTI)
  • Emergent Essence Dynamics (Troy Yorke)

Tools and technics:

  • ESaC & EtaC certified (Paul Ekman International)
  • Belbin Team Roles certified (Belbin)
  • Mentor/Mentee profiles (Alterval)
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Team Management System certified
  • MBTI certified
  • NLP certified

I am also taking care of my self-work in various shapes and forms such as supervision, involvement in specific programs, like for instance, the Leadership program (Coaches Training Institute), by belonging to professional communities (SOL France, Institut du Discernement Professionnel) or by regularly questioning my practices with other practitioners.



Fonction Formation

éd. d'Organisation, 2007

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Training Evaluation in "Formation : Management et Réglementation"

Éditions Dalian, 2006

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Article: “Knowledge exportation : a new challenge to train employees on technological professions in industries”

Éd. Éducation Permanente, Mars 2014.

Global impact


Sectors of interventions

  • Automotive, aeronautics, defense, transportation, retails, communication, finances, press, environment
  • Research institutes and networks
  • Public Administration
  • Associations & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Universities (Sorbonne, Université Versailles) St Quentin, Engineering and Business Schools (Edhec, Ecole Polytechnique)

Contact us

Phone : 00 33 (0)6 71 65 38 15
Email : sylvie.faisandier [at]