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Learn, work and cooperate
with agility in intercultural settings

We always learn on our own but never without others (P.Carré)

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Growing agility in global
fast-changing environments

Sylvie Faisandier 
Expertise Development

Consultant Trainer Coach (PCC ORSCC)

Team Agility
(from individual to shared leadership)



Learning Agility
(in highly technical and scientific fields)


Team Agility

Any transformation to lead?
Any support to improve individual or collective decision-making process?
Any shared leadership dynamic to develop your team agility?


Support teams

  • Grow team agility and performance by organizational, relational and systemic coaching (ORSC- certified, Center of Right Relationships global)
  • Help teams and individuals to make decisions with discernment (Institute of Professional Discernment methodology)
  • Enhance individual and collective leadership development


  • Elaborate and share the vision of the strategy
  • Develop individual and shared leadership
  • Integrate new people in global settings
  • Design our team alliance in a context of transformation
  • Develop e-communication in our global team
  • Integrate innovative approaches and tools to develop our managers

Learning Agility

Any expertise to be capitalized and spread globally?
Any project regarding knowledge transfer and creation?
Any training you need to design to fit your needs?


Share knowledge

  • Create internal technical Universities, using the blended learning approach
  • Design internal trainings (financial, technical, scientific subjects) and create the documentation (guidelines, tools, trainer’s and trainees documentation…) regarding internal core competencies; co-deliver the pilot session with internal experts in the company technological context and culture
  • Extract and transfer expert knowledge 
  • Develop a Mentoring Program, identify and manage a Discipline
  • Facilitate global events related to communities of experts 


  • Expertise : Experts leadership and roles, Managing a Discipline, Working and leading a scientific network/community of practices, Matching Mentor/Mentee profiles in the context of Mentoring Programs
  • Train the trainers: from design to delivery, taking into account the context and helping tacit knowledge to be shared
  • Communities of practices, in-person or virtual: start off a community, facilitating it and creating the context to share tacit and emergent knowledge
  • Transverse management (functional, project management, network, remote, global leadership, innovation and creativity)

About us


I have spent the last 15 years interacting and working with managers, transverse managers and network leaders, mostly experts, to provide coaching, training, consulting and facilitation, mainly in global companies, research institutes and public administrations.

Fascinated by the diversity of professional, organisational and intercultural contexts, I’ve managed strategic projects, facilitated meetings with key contributors and supported organizational transformations and change projects.

Prior to being a consultant, trainer and coach, I was a materials engineer, purchaser and project manager in the context of Safran group for 10 years. It was during that time that I realized how much I appreciate co-creating and transferring knowledge.

More specifically, I led a 2 year corporate project on Strategy Deployment and Managerial practices sharing, elaborated the company’s corporate values, designed the creativity and innovation system…
These key experiences with the space to explore, experiment, and co-create, were foundational.

In addition, as a never-ending learner, I’m involved in Education on topics around leadership, creativity, communication and project management.
In particular, I have been responsible for the Organizational Behaviour course for 3 years in Edhec, a Business School I have been working  with for 15 years as a partner of the Chaire of Leadership, focused on innovations in pedagogy like Learning Teams for instance.
Im now collaborating with Celsa (Sorbonne) to support an educative process based on action-research aiming at HR innovation as VP of Univers RH (

I am also a qualified trainer for Youth for Understanding, a global NGO supporting intercultural awareness.

Skills and interests

“Education is a kindling of a flame…” To elicit and develop one’s motivation to learn, one’s curiosity and one’s reflexivity and to develop resilience are the kind of things that have me passionated.

To integrate multiple methodologies and insights, from science to humanities, to adjust my stance, to provide resources or experiences allowing to construct one’s knowledge are part of my skills, so as to grow autonomy, multiply the choices and create the space to make decisions based on what matters and makes sense.


Society of Organizational Learning France –
Institut de Discernement Professionnel –
International Coaching Federation –
Youth For Understanding –
International Association of Facilitators –


Chorale White Spirit –  // Versailles Handball Club –


Formal education:

  • Master 2 in Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology which I started in France and finished at McGill University (1991)
  • Master 2 MRH from Lille University (2002)
  • Master 2 of Research on Strategy, Management and Organizations (2006),


  • The Leadership Development Framework (Authorized by Harthill Consulting)
  • International Coach Federation – PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global – ORSCC)
  • Team Management System, NLP Master, MBTI, FIRO-B
  • ESaC & EtaC (Paul Ekman International)
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Mentor/Mentee profiles (Alterval)
  • Decision-making (Institut du Discernement Professionnel)


  • The Art of Developmental Conversation (Harthill Consulting)
  • Mental modes/Motivations (Institut de NeuroCognitivisme)
  • Including Ourselves in the Change Equation-C (Harvard Online course)
  • The systems view of life-C (Capra online Course)
  • U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self (MIT online course)
  • Organizational interventions by clinic sociology (Institut International de Sociologie Clinique)
  • Emergent Essence Dynamics (Troy Yorke)
  • Alchemy (CRR Global)
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Learning (SOL France)
  • Co-development facilitation (Cecodev)
  • Knowledge extraction tools (GREX2)
  • Co-active coaching core curriculum (CTI)
  • Non-Violent Communication

I am also taking care of my self-work in various shapes and forms such as supervision, involvement in specific programs, like the Leadership Program (Coaches Training Institute) and in professional communities (SOL France, Institut du Discernement Professionnel) or by regularly inquiring into my practices and stance with other practitioners.




Fonction Formation

éd. d'Organisation, 2007

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Training Evaluation in "Formation : Management et Réglementation"

Éditions Dalian, 2006

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Article: “Knowledge exportation : a new challenge to train employees on technological professions in industries”

Éd. Éducation Permanente, Mars 2014.

Global impact


Sectors of interventions

  • Automotive, aeronautics, defense, transportation, retails, communication, finances, press, environment
  • Research institutes and networks
  • Public Administration
  • Associations & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Universities (Sorbonne, Université Versailles) St Quentin, Engineering and Business Schools (Edhec, Ecole Polytechnique)