A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen

Torvald: Can you neglect your most sacred duties? 
Nora: What do you call my most sacred duties?
Torvald: Do I have to tell you? Your duties towards your husband, and your children?
Nora: I have another duty which is equally sacred.
Torvald: You have not. What on earth could that be?
Nora: My duty towards myself
Torvald: First and foremost you are a wife and a mother. 
Nora: I don’t believe that any longer. I believe that I am first and foremost a human being, like you – or anyway, that I must try to become  one. I know most people thing as you do, Torvald,  and I know there’s something ofthe sort to be found in books. But I am no longer prepared to accept what people say and what’s written in books. I must think things out for myself, and try to find my now answer. 

Henrik Ibsen (A Doll’s House)

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