Politeness vs Tease

How to #tease better by breaking the rules of Sincere #Communication? (based on How to be good – K Dacher)

Why do I choose this topic? Teasing is about relationship and love

Paul Grice outlined 4 principles of communication driving since communication:

  1. Quality: TRUTH (honest, based in evidence…)
  2. Quantity: INFORMATIVENESS (not too wordy or opaquely succinct)
  3. Relation: RELEVANCE (relevant, on the topic, avoid meandering into digressions, irrelevances or stream of consiciousness flights of fancy)
  4. Manner: CLARITY (direct, clear, to the point)

Politeness is achieved through systematic violations of the maxims. So is teasing, surprisingly.

To better tease, all you have to do is:

  1. Exaggerate, describe fantastically (Break Rule 1)
  2. Repeat, be excessively brief or redundant (Break Rule 2)
  3. Digress (Break Rule 3)
  4. Be vague, oblique, use metaphor, idiomatic expressions, nicknames, vocal cues… (Break Rule 4)

Are you polite? or teasing? Whats you preferred way to tease? What is your best story?

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